Food is considered to be the main element in any country or region. Food says a lot about a country tradition and its culture. Famous food festivals are held annually around the world that features the best cuisines. These food festivals are attended by foodies who love to experience and try new dishes.

Here are 5 of the most amazing food festival that are held at different destinations.


Bacon festival is arranged in Sacramento, California every year. The festival welcomes thousands of people to taste different dishes made of bacon. The festival is a treat for bacon lovers as they are invited to try the deliciously cooked bacon ramen, bacon salad, bacon gelato, bacon tater tots and a lot other yummy bacon made foods. The festival is popular among the meat lovers, surely no one would want to miss this chance to attend a festival that is dedicated to bacon only.


The ultimate chocoholic’s favorite festival, Salon Du Chocolate features every type of chocolates. The purpose of the festival is to display all the items made of chocolate during the 5-day span. If you are a fashionista and a chocolate lover, then Salon Du Chocolate festival in Quito is definitely worth a visit. At the festival, you are expected to see models wearing chocolate made dresses and also enjoy a ton of chocolate made items.


The New Orleans wine and food festival is definitely the finest cuisine festival around the world. As a number of food experts, restaurants and chefs participate in the festival to showcase their cooking expertise. The first-class wine is served by the hundreds of wineries who participated in this globally praised food fiesta. There is also art and music to keep the crowd entertained while they enjoy freshly served cuisines. The three F’s is what you need, Friends! Fun! And Food!


The giant omelet festival is celebrated annually in Bessieres, France after the legend that Napoleon wanted the townies to prepare an omelet with every egg available in town. Since then, 15,000 eggs omelet is prepared for the people of Bessieres. The giant egg omelet festival is usually celebrated on Easter. Other French heritage cities like Louisiana and Abbeville also celebrates the egg festival with a 5,000 eggs omelet. Egg lovers would be pleased to discover a festival that features nothing but a big giant omelet.

        5. PIZZAFEST

Pizza? Who does not love pizza? Naples, Italy consumes zillions of people in this fest. Over 100,000 pizzas are consumed on the fine nights of September. The festival includes every type of pizzas with various 50-odd historic versions of pizzas including Marinara, classic Napoletana, and Margherita. Pizza lovers can enjoy a hot served tasty pizza accompanied by a beautiful surrounding of village of Naples. It is one of the best food festival especially for the pizza lovers to enjoy iconic pizza flavors topped with mushrooms, olives and jalapenos.

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