Food is considered to be the main element in any country or region. Food says a lot about a country tradition and its culture. Famous food festivals are held annually around the world that features the best cuisines. These food festivals are attended by foodies who love to experience and try new dishes.

Here are 5 of the most amazing food festival that are held at different destinations.


Bacon festival is arranged in Sacramento, California every year. The festival welcomes thousands of people to taste different dishes made of bacon. The festival is a treat for bacon lovers as they are invited to try the deliciously cooked bacon ramen, bacon salad, bacon gelato, bacon tater tots and a lot other yummy bacon made foods. The festival is popular among the meat lovers, surely no one would want to miss this chance to attend a festival that is dedicated to bacon only.


The ultimate chocoholic’s favorite festival, Salon Du Chocolate features every type of chocolates. The purpose of the festival is to display all the items made of chocolate during the 5-day span. If you are a fashionista and a chocolate lover, then Salon Du Chocolate festival in Quito is definitely worth a visit. At the festival, you are expected to see models wearing chocolate made dresses and also enjoy a ton of chocolate made items.


The New Orleans wine and food festival is definitely the finest cuisine festival around the world. As a number of food experts, restaurants and chefs participate in the festival to showcase their cooking expertise. The first-class wine is served by the hundreds of wineries who participated in this globally praised food fiesta. There is also art and music to keep the crowd entertained while they enjoy freshly served cuisines. The three F’s is what you need, Friends! Fun! And Food!


The giant omelet festival is celebrated annually in Bessieres, France after the legend that Napoleon wanted the townies to prepare an omelet with every egg available in town. Since then, 15,000 eggs omelet is prepared for the people of Bessieres. The giant egg omelet festival is usually celebrated on Easter. Other French heritage cities like Louisiana and Abbeville also celebrates the egg festival with a 5,000 eggs omelet. Egg lovers would be pleased to discover a festival that features nothing but a big giant omelet.

        5. PIZZAFEST

Pizza? Who does not love pizza? Naples, Italy consumes zillions of people in this fest. Over 100,000 pizzas are consumed on the fine nights of September. The festival includes every type of pizzas with various 50-odd historic versions of pizzas including Marinara, classic Napoletana, and Margherita. Pizza lovers can enjoy a hot served tasty pizza accompanied by a beautiful surrounding of village of Naples. It is one of the best food festival especially for the pizza lovers to enjoy iconic pizza flavors topped with mushrooms, olives and jalapenos.

Popular Food Trends That You Must Add In Your Meals

The year 2020 may come with some things new on our tables as we are moving towards the latest trends and based on technology. The recent time it is more likely that we will be eating the food prepared in the lab. 

But also new traditional cuisines that are far- off lands. 

Food that is healthy and delicious too makes its place in the top food trends, flavor-able spices mixed with the grains give formation to the new experimental cuisines.

Street Style Inspired Dishes

There was a time when fine dining was popular. Street food has something special that makes it known as the real heart-stopper. Kabobs, tempura, dumplings, and anything that can mix with cheese is a perfect delight for the food lovers. Just think about it, from tacos to burgers, Thai food to burritos, how amazing all of these street dishes taste when it’s good fresh. Hang out with your friends and enjoy the top-rated street-style food.

Sustainable Seafood

Seafood listed among the most popular food trends of 2019. Include the fantastic seafood in your daily meals and let yourself treat you in a better way. Seafood like shrimps, fishes, salmon, halibut, crab, lobster, prawn, tuna, oysters, trout, anchovy, and many more are the foods that are so beneficial for your diet and are tasteful as well. Select, buy, and cook the seafood of your own choice and enjoy your dining experience.

Vegetable Carb Substitutes

Vegetable carb substitutes have been on the rise among the food trends of 2019. We have seen many combinations like cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles, also known as zoodles, but there are so many other substitutes of veggies carbs. Change your diet plan and transform the vegetables in your selected carbs. Adopt new ways to use mashed beets, sliced parsnips, shredded broccoli, and many more to fix your favorite daily junk like pizza, fries, all of your favorite food into the finger-licking carby foods.

Vegetable Burgers

If you are a vegetarian and the one who loves to eat vegetables, then here is a piece of good news for you. Plant-based burgers are now the most favorite food trend of 2019 among the people. The delicious burgers are made with spices, mouth-watering sauces, and vegetables only. If you look at the supermarket’s food aisle, you will find a lot of options that are offered there according to your choice.

Home-Made Sausages

Home-made food is always the best option. The food that is prepared at home is always fresh, delicious, and hygienic. Among so many home-made cuisines like pickles, condiments, home-made ice cream, charcuterie platters, homemadee sausages are always on the top of the list of food trends of 2019. Either grill it or microwave the sausages, do it just as you want, and love every bite of your food. This food trend will continue to make its way. 

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What Is Considered Gourmet Food In Japan ?

What is considered gourmet food in Japan is not exactly the same food we would think of when talking about “high endJapanese food” in the West: yes, sushi is considered a gourmet food that is only eaten during special times in Japan, but it doesn’t quite have the same “delicacy status” that it has in the West when it comes to Japanese food.

One food that is considered luxurious in Japan that we don’t consider special here is meat. Meat is not something that they eat everyday, so it is considered somewhat luxurious and foods containing meat are considered somewhat special. So, for example, we have foods like “sukiyaki” (a one-pot dish of vegetables, tofu and beef) or “chanko nabe” (containing meat, fish, vegetables, onion, potatoes,mushrooms, algae, tofu and eggs and considered a staple meal for sumo fighters) that are considered for special occasions only. However, when it comes to beef we have a particular type of beef that is considered extremely luxurious and high end, a true gourmet food: Kobe beef.

Kobe beef is usually produced in the Kobe region and has a lot of requirements (it can only come from a virgin female cow or a castrated male cow, they can only be feed with the highest quality rice and barley and they must be massaged with sake regularly…) and it has extremely high quality standarts too. Even in Japan it is extremely rare to find authentic Kobe beef, and its price is extremely high, surpassing $300 for a kilo of steak. This meat is really fatty and the fat is streaked into the muscle, which makes it seep into it once it’s cooked, giving it a particularly rich and full flavour. If you want to eat Kobe beef, your best bet is going to the restaurant Royal Mouriya in Kobe, Japan; but nowadays Kobe beef has become so famous that restaurants all over the world have caught wind and have started serving it, too. Just hope there’s a gourmet Japanese food restaurant near you !

Another gourmet food in Japan is “fugu”, the name they give to carefully cut and prepared pufferfish. Extremely expensive and extremely rare to find a restaurant that serves it, this dish has become famous accross the world not only for its lovely flavour but because of its toxicity: the pufferfish needs to be prepared extremely carefully because the liver contains a toxin that can contaminate the meat if not handled with care; and this toxin doesn’t only cause food poisoning: it causes roughly 40 deaths per year by asphyxiation. There’s a special license to prepare fugu that only the best can obtain, so finding a restaurant that serves it is very rare, and a full course fugu meal can be roughly $200. So, if you love delicious gourmet food but also extreme emotions, fugu might just be the Japanese food for you!

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You Have to Try This Gourmet Italian Dishes

Since its begginings, the history of Italian Gourmet Food kitchen has been directed by passion. One of the classic scenes of Roman art shows the great feasts where ingredients from the different regions of his empire intermingled: the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the northern part of Africa. In the Middle Ages, new spices, dried fruits and the famous pasta arrived with the Arabs. On the other hand, the Christians prohibited the consumption of meat and condemned the banquets, to which Carlo Magno responded with a proposal of feasts dedicated to God. With the Renaissance and the rise of the bourgeoisie, the kitchen resumed its importance as a status symbol, the old techniques were improved and new ingredients obtained during the crusades were added.

In the nineteenth century, the Arabs introduced the famous Sicilian lemons and oranges, in addition to sugarcane and almonds, which allowed the flourishing of confectionery, gelato bases and sweet bakery. At the same time, the Medici, and especially Catalina, were great promoters of gastronomy, demanding high quality cuisine, inspired by traditional recipes and made with local ingredients. However, the other families opted for an opulent and eccentric kitchen.

The times of Italian food may seem exaggerated; However, evoking its Roman origins, the act of eating is a party that must be taken calmly. Since its inception, the history of this kitchen has been directed by passion. If you are in Italy or going to travel there soon you should try these Italian gourmet dishes:


Focaccia is very similar to pizza, but it differs from that in that it is thicker and spongy and does not usually have tomato sauce. In fact, it is usual to serve it with olive oil, salt and some aromatic herbs. Outside the transalpine country it is often used as bread to make sandwiches and sandwiches.


It is another Italian delicacy that admits a wide variety of recipes and variants. It seems that its origin is Greco-Roman, although “modern” lasagna did not begin to be prepared as such until the 17th century.


There is no consensus when establishing the origins of this stuffed pasta. For some scholars, they come from China (specifically, wonton pasta) and were taken to Italy by Marco Polo.

Gnocchi or Gnocchi

This fresh Italian pasta is made with potatoes, although there are many variants in which breadcrumbs, cornmeal or pumpkin can be used and, in Latin American countries, it is not uncommon to use cassava, banana or cassava.


Risotto is a very famous dish in Italy, especially in the northern part of the country, which is where this cereal is most grown. They are usually complemented with Parmesan, although their creaminess and flavor have made the dish famous worldwide. And with that, the experimentation around this recipe has been total.

Vitello Tonnato

The “tuna” veal is a very popular dish of Piedmontese origin. Beef is used that is served with a sauce based on tuna, cream of milk and egg, whose flavor can be made even more intense with anchovies and capers. It is also widely consumed in Argentina, where there is a large community of Italian roots.

Of course we can’t let out Pizza, Spaghetti and deserts like Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. Any of these dishes will make your trip to the Italian Gourmet Food unforgettable.

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10 Popular French Gourmet Foods Everyone Must Try

When it comes to gourmet food, French food tends to come to mind. But some of the most delicious gourmet french food is more easily accessible than most people might think. If you aren’t sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Below is a list of 10 popular French gourmet foods that everyone must try at least once in their life.

1. Crème Brûlée

A classic french dessert, there’s a reason crème brûlée is so popular. Creamy custard is covered by caramelized sugar that has created a shell around the treasured creme. Feel the satisfaction of breaking through the caramel and enjoy the contrasting texture of the sweet creme and crystalized sugar.

2. Moules Marinières

The French take their mussels seriously, and in doing so have given us this amazing dish. The mussels are doused in white wine marinade and cooked with onions, giving them a cider taste that makes the dish not only mouthwateringly good but simply gourmet.

3. Escargot

Most people wrinkle their nose at the idea of snails as gourmet food, but the French have a way of making sure they are nothing but delectable. Each escargot is served in their shell. While this may not help make it appealing, they make sure to address that. The secrete is the heap of butter and garlic that are served with them.

4. Gratin Dauphinois

One of France’s most authentic dishes, gratin dauphinois is a potato dish, which means you already know it’s going to be good. Covering thinly sliced potatoes is crème fraîche, butter, and garlic. This simple yet delicious meal can also be covered in cheese, for those who want to add a bit more creaminess.

5. Soufflé au Chocolat

A deceptively simple dish, the chocolate soufflé is made with beaten egg whites and orange-flavored cognac liqueur. A soufflé is served directly after it’s taken out of the oven and before the puffy crust starts to deflate. It is typically served on its own with a light coating of powdered sugar, which contrasts beautifully with the rich chocolate.

6. Fondue Savoyarde

France is known for its cheeses, and that is certainly highlighted in fondue savoyarde. Three kinds of cheese, beaufort, comté, and emmental, are melted into one pot, and if that doesn’t sound appetizing enough, white wine is added to the mix. Then skewers are used to dip bread into the pot for a cheesy dish of utter perfection.

7. Croissant

Another popular French food, croissants are a buttery flaky pastry. The difference between the true croissant and the ones you find in the store is the fragile perfection that comes with a well-made pastry. You can eat it with butter and jam or use it as the basis for a breakfast sandwich. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

8. Duck Confit

When you think of gourmet food, duck seems appropriate for the list. As usual, the French have perfected the dish with duck confit, which ultimately is duck leg cooked in its own fat. While the cooking method may not sound appealing, the finished product definitely is.

9. Crêpe

Now crêpes can be savory or sweet and can be dressed down into a simple meal or dressed up into a gourmet delight. The thin pancake-like dough is filled with a variety of spreads, including jam, chocolate, or powdered sugar with lemon. If you can’t decide what you want, get one of each!

10. Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc

An already popular seafood, shrimp is taken to the next level thanks to this French recipe. As the name suggests, the shrimp are cooked with cognac. But not just cognac. Oh no, the sauce is comprised of wine, cream, butter, and cognac. When poured over the shrimp, it’s like a small piece of heaven landed on your plate. This truly is a delectable gourmet dish.

There you have it, 10 popular French gourmet foods you have to try at least once. Even if you aren’t sure what to think of some of the dishes, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. These foods have lasted the test of time and are still some of the best French foods for a reason. Give them a chance. Your stomach will thank you.

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